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Your Guide to Getting a Home-Based Business Started

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

by Amy Collett

Home-based businesses are growing in popularity, especially in the last few months. If you are considering opening one of these businesses, there are a few tips and tricks you need to know in order to set yourself up for success. Ready to learn more? Then keep reading this guide.

If Your Business Has Been Impacted By COVID-19...

Before you get to the best tips and tricks for getting your new business off the ground, let’s talk about resources for your current business. If you need extra cash flow to keep your business running, you should know that there are options that can help. SBA bridge express loans, the Main Street Business Lending Program and more traditional SBA loans are all government resources available to help businesses that are struggling due to the pandemic, but there are private assistance programs as well. Having this extra cash can help you transition your operations to home, hire new staff, expand inventory, and invest in new tech to stay afloat.

If You Want to Start a New Home-Based Business...

With a few tweaks you can easily adapt your current business so that you can work out of your home, but what about starting a brand new business? Well, if you want to build a new home-based business from the ground up, it’s going to take some determination and patience. Having these tricks up your sleeve can also help:

Network to Find Those First Clients

If your startup is going to be a success, you’re going to need customers. Connecting with those all-important first customers will open the doors to even more business. Networking with your current social and business connections at industry events are two of the best tricks for landing your first clients. Ask friends and family members if they can refer folks to your new business and don’t be shy about asking for leads via social media. In fact, you’re going to need a social media and digital presence to grow your business anyhow. So before you start asking for those referrals, set up your social media profiles and a user-friendly business website.

Carve Out a Dedicated Workspace

As ZDNet explains, it can certainly help to have a fully functional home workspace for your new business. This will ensure that you can maintain your focus and productivity from the start, even if you have kids, pets, or a spouse at home. For around $1,200 you can get the furniture, tech, and office supplies you need to outfit your new office and start your business. If you can’t spare the extra cash, you should also know that for under $100 you can set up a more basic, yet functional, workspace.

Download a Few Productivity Apps

The trick to maximizing your productivity in that new workspace is to download some of the latest and greatest productivity apps. Calm Office is an app that plays soothing sounds to help keep you focused while Oh Bother takes some of the hassles out of letting other folks in your home know not to disturb you. If you tend to get distracted by online shopping or social media when you are working from home, you can also try using a Pomodoro extension with your browser. The Pomodoro technique involves setting a timer to focus on a single project for a 25-minute block and these extensions keep you from visiting other websites during this time.

Secure All of The Right Permits

If you want to keep your business legal, you may need to secure a few permits first. For a home-based business, this can include home occupation, sales tax, and health or safety permits. You may also need business licenses, and a quick public records search may be necessary to ensure that your business is not encroaching on any existing licenses, trademarks, or startups.

In light of current events, starting a home-based business can be a very smart move. So whether you are looking to earn extra cash or for a complete career switch, consider using the tips and tools in this guide to lay the groundwork for your new startup and ensure success.

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Amy is a contributing writer to SignalHarmony and runs her own successful company at


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