Tamika Medley, CEO, Strategic Alliance Inc.

"The SH team is very professional and responsive.  The service approach was true to their documented customer engagement process. Opportunities to provide feedback during the development process were much appreciated.  Promises were kept---our website was built as agreed and on-schedule.  No nonsense.  We like working with the SH team!"

Tameka Medly.jpg
Paul Scott

Paul O. Scott, CEO, Long Shot Political Consulting

"As most first-time business owners, I had much apprehension about this undertaking. That disappeared immediately when consulting with James and his team at SignalHarmony. 


His knowledge and expertise in setting up the business was extremely impressive. He simplified for me an involved process and after a few meetings, I became more confident in the task at hand. 


From setting up my LLC, to designing my website for maximum exposure to assisting me in navigating outside agencies, his professionalism and knowledge of the many processes and steps involved in setting up my business goes unequaled." 

Eddie Garcia, Owner, Eddie Garcia Photography

"I recommend SignalHarmony because I asked them for a breakdown of my business website www.egpictures.com and they were able to show me actual charts and graphs of how my website was performing. A lot of it I did not understand since I'm not a marketer. I'm a Cameraman.


My specialty is a camera, light, and sound. But it didn't matter that I didn't understand it. It just mattered that they understood it and how they know how to use it to help your business get seen on the web and social media."


Sandra Mayo, Executive Director,
The Healthy Mom and Baby Foundation

"I filed my non-profit with SignalHarmony and they were great! They made it super easy to file as well as the training I received was very helpful as well! I had a lot of questions and was somewhat uneasy about the process, but their help during the whole process made it very easy for me to get it done.


Thanks for all of your help and guidance in getting my non-profit organization filed in a timely fashion!"

Dr. Anita Polite Wilson, CEO, APW Enterprises

"James and his staff are an amazing group of creatives who also understand business. SignalHarmony is more than a service provider to me. They are success partners for me and my business."

Polite, Anita Head.jpg

John Sparks, Artistic Director, Writing Musical Theatre

“This firm is filled with Internet maven's who were able to exponentially expand our thinking about the power of electronic communications and Internet marketing through the use of communication software and their valuable consultant-ship. The results have been successful and we continue to grow in both size and effectiveness, thanks to their advice and expertise.”

Dr. Ayo Bankole, Inland Naturalpathic Medical Center


"The team at SignalHarmony™ offer a variety of invaluable services from business consulting, website design to incorporating.I routinely utilize and respect their knowledge base to help navigate the many concerns and decisions that my business encounters.”

Dumas Martin.jpg

Dumas Martin, Development Consultant, The Idea Club

“James and his team are multi-talented individuals who move through life with 'esprit de Coeur'. Their joyful smiles and warm demeanor's cloak their professional, thorough approach to business. James is a strong, God-fearing family man, who believes being of service to others while doing right by them is a philosophy that guides a good life. An opportunity to do business with his firm is an honor.”

Barbara McNairy, Singer, Songwriter

"I just had SignalHarmony™ design my website and it is amazing. I love it! I have been a recording artist for 11 years and finally I have a designer that saw my vision for how I have been wanting my website to look like. I am so pleased and happy with it!! The whole experience from first signing the contract to the finished website. Everything was so professional and organized. I highly recommend this company!"

Eric Skaggs.jpg

Eric Skaggs, Executive Director, Monkey Tales Learning LLC

"They assume nothing. I found this to be one of their many distinguishing strengths. Because of that attribute, they took the time to understand the status of my literary – grammar based business and developed offerings

that provided a more customized plan to structuring my company.  

They also recognized the importance of finding the right person to provide essential data for our business plan. Jim's team are hands-on professionals who walks you through each step of the process, making sure you understand your choices as your company moves forward.


After your paperwork and business plan is in place, they will continue to stand by your side and provide guidance when needed. Thank you SignalHarmony™."

Keith Bossier, Actor, Writer, Producer

"As an actor and model in Hollywood it's imperative that my website reflect my brand...Image is everything in my business and SignalHarmony™ did a FANTASTIC job.


My website is smooth, artistic, modern and easy to navigate. Everything was communicated clearly and done in a timely fashion with the only surprise being that the work surpassed all expectations. I have and will continue to recommended them exclusively for their excellent work."