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Our Team


Servant Project Leader


Project Development 


David is our Servant Leader Director. He makes sure that all components of your project flows effortlessly and the team working on it is supported to reach their goals. 

Janice's Avatar SEO


SEO Project Manager


Janice knows that SEO is the engine that runs a strong well designed website. She also knows that the only way to get great results is to be ethical and have the long view in mind for your company's success.

Asasuki's Avatar SMO



Social Media Optimization
Project Executive

Akasuki understands the way forward for forward-looking companies is to combine not only SEO but SMO as well. In doing this he uses what we believe are the 5 most important elements to SEO/SMO success:

  1. Ensure a Strong Presence

  2. Increase the Reach

  3. Drive More Traffic

  4. Lead Generation

  5. Improve Search Engine Ranking

Kenny's Avatar Website Design


Website Design 
Graphics & Maintenance

Aaron knows that a great website design with excellent graphics can help communicate precisely what your business service or product can do. Of course, a responsive design is necessary, and converting leads to sales is essential. He also understands that the power of communicating innovation is the key to long-term success.

Elizabeth's Avatar Accounts


Accounting Department

Elizabeth makes sure we get paid on time. She also helps us keep our focus on the work and not on the money. She reminds us to do our best work at all times.


The financial rewards will always come when serving the clients' needs are first.

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