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Bitcoin ETF Investors: Full List of Institutional BTC Fund Holders in 13F Filings

Updated: Jun 14



  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs have attracted over $11 billion in assets, signaling growing institutional interest.

  • Wisconsin’s pension fund became the first state-level institution to invest in Bitcoin ETFs publicly.

  • SEC filings show varying levels of institutional investment in Bitcoin ETFs.

  • Experts anticipate further institutional investment, potentially boosting Bitcoin’s demand and price.

The approval of spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) marked a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency industry, heralding a new era of institutional investment and elevating Bitcoin to a recognized financial asset and opening avenues for professional investors, hedge funds, family offices, and institutions to engage with Bitcoin investments.

Of course, many major and well known funds had entered into the crypto space, but by the first quarter of 2024, the state of Wisconsin’s pension fund had made a substantial commitment by investing $162 million in these newly approved spot BTC ETFs.

A look at some major firms’ 13F filings, which are reports that provide a detailed account of long positions in publicly traded securities at the end of each quarter, has revealed how much crypto exposure there is at an institutional level.

Which Institutional Funds are Holding Bitcoin?

A critical element in understanding institutional holdings is the 13F filing, a quarterly report required by the SEC from institutional investment managers. The introduction of 13F filings for Bitcoin ETFs introduces a new level of transparency into Bitcoin ownership, marking an advancement in how investment visibility is handled within the cryptocurrency sector. These filings contrast the engagement of institutions with Bitcoin against traditional assets.

Matt Hougan, the Chief Investment Officer at Bitwise, reported that by mid-May 2024, spot BTC ETFs had garnered over $11 billion in assets, making them the most successful ETF launch in history.

According to reports, in only one week, more than 600 firms disclosed significant investments in spot Bitcoin ETFs through their 13F filings. However, following a recent deadline to file first-quarter 13F reports with the SEC, roughly 1,000 filers held shares in the ETFs.

Here is the complete list of institutional Bitcoin ETF holders (via filings through to June 7, 2024):



By James A. Goins

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