How to Make E-commerce Work for Your Small Business

by Chelsea Lamb


Image via Unsplash

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted American life in many ways. One such way is that it has forced businesses of all shapes and sizes to reevaluate how they do things and make sweeping changes to survive. For example, many small businesses have lost most—if not all—of their walk-in traffic. In response, they have had to shift their focus to online sales.

If this is the situation you find yourself in as a business owner, know that e-commerce is not going anywhere. Not only can embracing e-commerce save your company now, but it can also help you thrive long after the pandemic ends. But in order for it to work for you, it’s important to approach it the right way. Here are some practical tips as to how you can utilize online sales to grow your small business:

Make Room for Sustainability

E-commerce not only can benefit your business, but it can also help you to push forward environmental and social sustainability. Already, the pandemic is opening doors to a more eco-friendly market. More consumers are seeking out businesses that benefit the broader community and world at large.

On top of that, Forbes notes that the pandemic has forced all kinds of companies to embrace flexibility when it comes to things like sponsored childcare and paid sick leave for employees. Plus, with shorter supply chains being a natural result of the pandemic, companies are becoming more transparent and environmentally friendly.

You can do your part as a business owner by updating your brand ethos to clarify your commitment to sustainability, reducing the packing materials you use, and using recyclable materials for the packaging you do use. And instead of discarding used or damaged merchandise, find ways to resell it at a discounted rate.

Seek Help

Starting anything new with your business can be challenging and creating or expanding your e-commerce store is no different. If you feel overwhelmed and are not sure where to start, consider bringing in a full-service business consulting firm like SignalHarmony who can assist you with running your business, website development, and digital marketing services. That way, you will have an expert helping you grow your business while you can focus on other essential tasks and projects.

Determine What Products to Offer

Unless you sell the right products, your online store will only go so far. Consider the products in your current catalog, and review the sales history. More times than not, products that performed well in your physical store will also perform well online. And you will also want to consider whether or not you offer any products that will mee