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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

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Practically everyone is forced to experience some type of stress in a point of their lives. You can be stressed for a variety of different reasons, including anything from internal personal issues that involve your perspective on specific situations to obvious problems that you’re forced to deal with.

Regardless of the type of stress that you’re experiencing, you may feel so down that you don’t know what to do. Your body is naturally designed to deal with a certain amount of stress. But having too much stress for too long can actually lead to many problems, including health problems.

Given that having stress can lead to many different problems, you’re recommended to treat it as quickly as possible. There are varying methods as to how you can relieve the stress that you feel, and there are even treatments that you can undergo. Regardless, here is some information about what stress is, the problems associated with stress, ways to eliminate it as well as some other ways to prevent stress from coming back.

What Is Stress?

Stress is defined as your body’s reaction to any type of change that requires your body to respond to or adjust to. This type of response can be emotional, mental, or even physical, and it typically comes from either the environment around you, your thoughts and mindset, or it can also come from a more physical aspect, like your body.

Stress is defined as your body’s reaction to any type of change that requires your body to respond to...

Stress is typically caused by factors called stressors, which can be pressures or certain situations that are responsible for the stress that you experience. These stressors can either be positive or negative, so you can actually be stressed from things that are technically supposed to have a more positive effect on your life.

More specifically, there can also be internal causes as well as external causes. Internal causes are classified as being more self-generated since they are caused by your inner, personal thoughts and your overall mindset. Internal causes of stress usually involve excessive worrying about something that could happen in your life or not. It also involves irrational or extremely negative thoughts. For example, internal stressors can be anywhere from rigid thinking, perfectionism, an all or nothing attitude, or talking negatively about yourself.

On the other hand, there can also be causes of stress that involve external factors. External factors are pressures or situations that take place outside of your thinking, and you cannot often change these stressors. For instance, external stressors may involve significant life changes, pressures from school or work, or even issues that you may be experiencing regarding relationships with the people that are close to you in life. In addition to these factors, external stressors may also involve financial problems, not having enough time to complete essential tasks in your life, and even pressures that come from your family, children, or other loved ones.

What Does Stress Look Like?