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The Entrepreneur's Guide To Living in Palmdale

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

By David Dixon

Image via Unsplash

Living the California Dream does not come cheap, but some areas in the Golden State are less expensive than others. Below is an honest evaluation of the benefits of living and running a company in Palmdale, California.

Cost of Living

If you are a native Californian or have always envisioned yourself as one, Palmdale could be a wonderful place for you to settle your family and business. Though the city's cost of living is higher than the U.S. norm, it is lower than the California average. Interestingly, the cost of groceries and healthcare in Palmdale are generally cheaper than in most of the country. The median home price in Palmdale is $420,500 while in the rest of the state it is $684,800.

Savings on real estate is extra cash to enjoy leisure activities or invest in your business. Further, if you are not quite ready to buy, Palmdale's median rental cost is lower than the median throughout the state with numerous houses available to rent. The general cost of living indicates how expensive it is to hire a talented workforce, which is essential to creating a thriving business.


Situated North of the City of Los Angeles, Palmdale is just a stone's throw from the major metropolis. The city has a large Hispanic community, with about 25% of its inhabitants born in other countries, according to current population counts. It has been one of the country's fastest-growing city's for 25 years, despite a small decline in last year. A growing population generates plenty of potential customers and employees for companies to take advantage of.

Palmdale is located in Antelope Valley, which boasts a Young Entrepreneurs Academy that connects aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced ones. These types of programs foster healthy small business development.

Quality of Life

There is plenty of family-friendly fun just around the corner from Palmdale, as Disneyland is just 90 minutes away. Further, the city is home to numerous art galleries and wineries. The high quality of life Palmdale offers contributes to its offering of contented employees. Specific nearby attractions include:

  • California Poppy Preserve

  • Fort Tejon Historical State Park

  • Antelope Valley Greek Festival


The old adage that knowledge is power still holds true. An educated workforce is a major asset to entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses with savvy employees. Within 50 miles of Palmdale, there are 72 colleges. The University of Southern California is the largest local college. The highest-ranked local higher education institution is the California Institute of Technology with Antelope Valley College being the closest.

Community Outreach

There are a number of ways for locals to give back to the community in Palmdale, including through the American Cancer Society and Adorable Babies Jumpstart Corporation, which helps children learn and grow.

Startup Checklist

Starting a business requires getting through some red tape, so be sure to:

  • Apply for a business license before hosting your company's grand opening

  • Check out the excellent resources from Signal Harmony to help get your enterprise off the ground

  • Develop your website and social media accounts and use a banner maker to build brand awareness (consider enlisting the assistance of a graphic designer or online banner maker)

Determining where to establish your family and business is an important decision. If you are looking for a city in California with relatively low living expenses, culture, and access to a quality workforce, consider Palmdale.

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