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The Most Innovative New Tech for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

By Michael Stephenson

Small business owners are tasked with managing their business effectively while finding innovative new solutions to problems. Plenty of tech offerings promise to provide innovation, but you probably already know that investing in any of these can be a gamble — and if it doesn’t pay off, your customers may pay the price. You don’t want to dive fully into integrating any new tech unless you’re sure it will meet your needs and improve your service while providing an innovative edge that helps you stay competitive. Consider the following suggestions from SignalHarmony that meet and exceed these criteria.

Tech for Better Customer Service

Some of the most popular new technology in recent years has been aimed at helping businesses improve the service they provide to customers. Indeed, customer service is one of the most vital functions of your company, so any innovation that can provide improvement should be a welcome addition to your daily operations.

One of the best examples of this is the rise of the chatbot. Contrary to popular belief, customers aren’t always desperate to get in contact with a human — they’re just desperate to get problems solved, and humans are often the only way to do so. The chatbot seeks to change this by providing services powered by artificial intelligence. This technology offers an innovative solution to customers’ most common issues, all while minimizing your costs and labor expenditure.

You can get similar results from creating a mobile app. Many small and medium-sized businesses have discovered the impressive return on investment that an app can provide — especially for eCommerce companies. Research shows that 75% of people visit an e-commerce site monthly. No matter what kind of business you have, an application allows your customers to stay engaged with digital marketing.

Business Process Management

Another exciting application of artificial intelligence in the modern workplace is business process management (BPM). By studying the data generated by your various software systems, a model of your business can be created. The best tools for process mining make this possible. Once a model is created, artificial intelligence tools use it to optimize and improve your business processes. This powerful tool drives down costs while accelerating your business.

Tech to Manage Business Finances

Innovating internally is just as important as developing customer-facing innovations. As you’re improving your business operations with tech, it’s a good idea to focus on the financial side. Managing business finances is imperative, and a cloud-based accounting platform is the best way to do so.

An accounting system that’s well-reviewed and trusted can provide a suite of features, including electronic invoicing, receipt organization tools, deduction calculators, and more. Tools like this allow you to keep tabs on every aspect of your business’s cash flow from an innovative and accessible platform. It can also save on the costs associated with hiring accounting personnel.

Perhaps the best financial tech innovation for businesses is the ability to manage accounting functions via the cloud. The cloud allows operations to be managed in a lightweight online environment rather than tied to a single device. Businesses can enjoy the flexibility that this technology provides and the improved security features that it comes with.

Innovative Tech to Improve Customer Service and Accounting

Managing a business requires you to tend to your internal and external operations. For the former, you need to maintain control of your finances, and cloud-based accounting software is an innovative tool you can use. For the latter, you can improve customers’ experience by providing them with access to a mobile app and another innovative tech like AI-powered chatbots. Streamlining your operations is simple when you have the right tech on your side, and these selections fit the bill.

SignalHarmony specifically streamlines the processes of Harmonizing Business Solutions in one place to implement any idea you have in mind which may involve our core disciplines. Schedule a free consultation today!

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