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Going Remote: How to Take Your Job or Your Business Online

By Lisa Walker

While the pandemic led to record job losses, it has also opened doors to more opportunities for remote employment. If this is something that's of interest to you, there are a number of different avenues to explore.

Benefits of Remote Working

According to CMS Wire, for employers, the benefits of a remote workforce include not having to pay as much overhead, including costs for office space and equipment. For employees, remote working allows for a better work-life balance, can make childcare easier, and reduces costs associated with commuting. Many people who started working remotely during the pandemic note that they are actually more productive working from home, as there are fewer interruptions and time spent in meetings.

Finding Remote Work

If you're still employed, CNBC recommends talking to your current employer about telecommuting. If you lost a job during the pandemic, but your company is still around, you may want to approach your former boss and ask about the opportunity to re-join the team in a remote capacity. You're also sure to find a burgeoning number of companies that are offering hybrid or fully remote work options. Search like you would for any job, whether that's through your personal networks, via outreach on social media, job boards, or an employment agency.

Setting Up a Home Office

Of course, the remote working option only works if you have the quiet workspace necessary to do your job well. You can convert a guest bedroom or even a small alcove in your home into a dedicated workspace. The more you can keep it separate from the rest of the household, the more you'll be able to create a healthy balance and maintain a firm separation between work and home. You'll need the basics like a computer or laptop, printer, scanner, desk, task chair, and good lighting. Also, keep receipts and records related to home office use - you may be able to deduct expenses from your taxes.

Manage Your Time

When working in a remote capacity, there are a number of time management principles that will serve you well. Schedule a start and stop time every day, and if possible, keep your workspace off-limits to the rest of the household. Ideally, you want to schedule Zoom meetings and phone calls at times when you know you'll have privacy and quiet. Resist the urge to continually check your work email or work at all hours of the day. This can take a positive element of working from home and turn it into a never-ending cycle of constant availability to your employer.

Start a Business

You may find you're so productive in a work-at-home environment that you decide to launch your own business. You can build on your profession or monetize a hobby, or even look at an entirely new type of work. Part of a small business startup includes registering your business as a limited liability company, or LLC. This gives you protection from some types of liability, provides greater flexibility, and makes it easier to file your taxes. Connect with the professionals at SignalHarmony to help you every step of the way so you can put yourself on the path to small business success.

Prepare for a Future Job

If you’re not in a position to find remote work just yet, and you are reluctant to start your own business, consider the benefits of going back to school. With an advanced degree, you can become a more marketable candidate, and enhance your earning power. Plus, you can acquire skills that translate to remote work. Online schools can be especially helpful here so you can juggle work and school more easily.

Remote work has become legitimized during the pandemic, and a number of opportunities abound. Whether you're interested in following your current position or even looking at popular online job opportunities, like customer service, order fulfillment, or social media management, options are unlimited.


Consulting firm SignalHarmony works with small and medium-sized businesses to find solutions and processes to put them on the path to success. We also offer incorporation help, website development, and digital marketing services. Reach out today!


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