7 Things Not to Do on Your Facebook Page

Updated: Mar 9

by Andrew Scherer

Image by Shutterstock

Facebook is the most popular social media network, and over 200 million small businesses use it to stay in touch with customers and reach new people. Having a Facebook presence is a must, and many small business owners realize that. However, many still make critical mistakes that lead to lower conversion rates and decreased engagement.

There are many articles out there telling you what to do on Facebook, but not as many talks about what not to do. Here are seven mistakes to avoid on Facebook.

1. Don’t Automate Everything

Don’t get me wrong – automation is critical. I’d be the first to tell you to use automation in your social media marketing campaigns. Automating your posts allows you to stay on track, publish posts at the right times, and save time.

At the same time, you can’t automate everything. Too many marketers and small business owners get overly excited when they discover automation tools like Hootsuite and Buffer and realize how much more productive they can be when using them.

But, some things just can’t be automated. For example, if you rely entirely on automation, you will be missing out on the opportunity to reply to comments and engage with followers.

When people ask questions on your Facebook posts, and you don’t reply, but you continue publishing new posts, it gives off a bad impression. It will make people think you just don’t care. After all, the majority of your fans won’t have any clue that the new posts were scheduled beforehand. They’ll think you are just ignoring them.

Similarly, Facebook Live can turn into one of your most effective tools. Live videos allow you to forge more personal relationships with your followers. You can use them to answer questions, show customers an inside peek of your operations, and a lot more. While you can schedule videos to be published in advance, they just aren’t an effective substitute to live videos.

2. Don’t Just Promote Your Products and Services

Have you ever visited a business page on Facebook and seen post after post promoting that business’s products and services? Don’t be like that. If you want people to like and follow your page and engage with your content, you need to mix up your posts.

It’s okay to promote your products and services – after all, your goal on Facebook is probably to get more sales and conversions. At the same time. If that’s all you do, you will fall far short of your engagement potential.

There’s so much content you can share on Facebook that you shouldn’t need much time to come up with ideas. However, if you are having trouble thinking of what to post, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Post links to your blog posts

  • Upload memes and funny GIFs

  • Ask questions

  • Create polls